HiFlo Analogue Positioners

MASCOT primarily utilizes HiFlo positioners. The MASCOT HiFlo positioner is available with either a pneumatic module for air control signals, or an electro-pneumatic (I/P) module for milliamp electrical control signals. HiFlo positioners are single or double-acting, force-balanced instruments that provide fast, sensitive and accurate positioning of cylinder and diaphragm actuators. These positioners are compact, field reversible, designed for high performance, and ruggedly built for reliability.

HiFlo Positioner Features

P/P or I/P Signal Convertible

Field conversion from one control signal to another is easily accomplished by replacing one module with the other.

Corrosion Resistant

  • Cover and base assembly are epoxy powder painted and continuously purged from the inside with instrument air.
  • Internal working parts are constructed from 300 series stainless steel, anodized aluminum or Buna - N.

Shock and Vibration Resistant

HiFlo positioners are designed with a high natural frequency coupled with pneumatic damping. It is unaffected by vibration, acceleration up to 2 G's, and frequencies to 500 Hz.

For Single or Double - acting Actuators

Usable with either single or double - acting actuators (both linear and rotary) makes the HiFlo positioner versatile.

Standard Mounting

HiFlo positioners use the standard mounting. By changing the cams and follower arms, the same positioner can be used on both linear and rotary actuators. This results in fewer required spare parts.

Easily Field Reversed

Action can be reversed in the field by simply turning the cam over, reversing the anti - backlash spring and changing the output tubing.

Insensitive to Mounting Position

Positioners can be mounted in any orientation.

Simple Calibration

  • Calibration is easy due to minimal interaction between zero and span.
  • Positioner adjustments are totally enclosed for protection and to discourage tampering.

Split - Range Service

Standard signal ranges are

  • 4 - 20 mA for the electro - pneumatic (I/P) module
  • 3 - 15 psi (0 - 1 Bar) for the pneumatic (P/P) model.

Optional ranges are

  • 10 - 50 mA
  • 6 - 30 psi (0.4 - 2.1 Bar), respectively.

All models can be calibrated for a 2 or 3 - way split range.

Simplified Maintenance

Positioners' simplicity, modular design and few parts, make maintenance easy.

No Regulator Required

HiFlo positioners are designed to withstand 150 psi (10.3 Bar) at all ports, and are insensitive to supply pressure fluctuations.

Low Air Consumption

Steady state air consumption is .25 SCFM @ 60 psi (4.1 Bar) supply .

Changeable Flow Charactaristics

Easily changed cam provides characterized flow feedback.

High Air Flow Gain Model

Standard on 200 squareinch actuators and above, optional on others.

Output Gauge Helps Monitor Unit

Indicates transducer output to the positioner, permitting easy verification of transducer and positioner calibration.