VFLO V-Ball Control Valve

Sturdy VFLO Characterised V-notch ball valve is available in sizes 2 through 14 inch ANSI Classes 150, 300 and 600 and in all castable materials. It is designed to overcome the problems of particle entrained processes. VFLO solves many long standing problems faced by traditional ball valves, such as:

  • Inadequate shutoff capabilities.
  • Piping forces that unevenly load the seat.
  • Low rangeability due to limited orifice characterisations.

VFLO reduces torque loads that adversely affect sealing and exceeds 300 to 1 rangeability with strong shearing capacity. VFLO achieves Class IV shutoff with a metal seal and Class VI shutoff with a soft seal. Many important features and options which VFLO uses to fulfill these and other requirements for ruggedness and high performance are listed below.

VFLO Control Valve Advantages and Features

One-piece body

  • High performance ensures regardless of flange torque loads.
  • Seat tightness not altered by piping forces, as in two-piece bodies.
  • One leak path eliminated.

V-notch ball

  • Clogging reduced.
  • “V” shaped orifice exceeds 300 to 1 rangeability.
  • Shearing action in fibrous fluid mediums is excellent.

Pressure assisted / bidirectional seal

  • Metal seal provides greater than ANSI Class IV shutoff.
  • Soft seal achieves ANSI Class VI shutoff.

Self-centering seal:

  • Seal installation improved and simplified.
  • Shutoff further improved.

No-shim seal

Servicing and installation problems reduced.

Thick-walled retainer

Valve’s normal service life extended in erosive environments.

Flangeless design standard

Reduced cost

Separable flange option

  • Bolt length reduced, avoiding bolt stretch and leakage in the event of a fire.
  • Flange bolting aligns easier.

Integral flange option

Bolt length reduced, avoiding bolt stretch and leakage in the event of a fire.

One-piece, large thread, hex head idler post

Removal from corrosive service is easier.

Additional VFLO Features


Standard face-to-face dimensions allow for easy field upgrading from other product lines.

Seat replaceable without removing ball and shaft

Maintenance is fast and easy.

Shaft serviceable from outboard end of valve

  • The need for actuator removal to replace ball and shaft is eliminated.
  • Shaft is protected from blowout.

Full, uninterrupted gasket surface

  • Gasket alignment problems reduced.
  • Wider range of gasketing possible, including spiral wound.

VFLO also capitalises on established features of VFLO quality:

Cylinder Actuator

  • High-thrust, compact, light weight.
  • Actuator fully interchangeable with DISKFLO rotary valve actuator.
  • Actuator air pressure allowable up to 150 psi.

Splined Shaft

Extra strength provided with no lost motion or deadband.

Availability in variety of materials

Materials include carbon steel, 316 stainless steel and all castable alloys.

Technical Specifications

Body Type : One - Piece V-notch Ball, Straight - Through, Wafer
Size Range : 1/2" to 18.0"
Pressure Class : Up to ANSI CL900
Body Materials : All castable Alloys materials
End Connections: Flangeless – Flanged ( Integaral & Separable Flange )
Bonnet : Standard, Extended, Cryogenic & Bellow Sealed
Guiding : Heavy duty double top stem
Gland Packing : PTFE, Braided PTFE, Grafoil, Vaccum
Gaskets : PTFE, Spiral Grafoil, Glass filled SS
Seat Ring : Clamped - in self aligned Bi - directional Fleet - loc Seal
Ball : Segemented V - notch Ball Reduces Clogging, Shearing action in fibrous fluids
Shaft : Splined - No lost motion or dead band Stainless Steel / 17 - 4PH
Charactristics : Equal Percentage, Linear and On – Off
Rangeability : 300 : 1
Actuator : Spring Cylinder Rotary, Fully field reversible
Air pressure : 2.0 to 10.0 Bar
Shut off class : With Metal seat - ANSI IV and replaceable Soft seat - ANSI VI