EFLO Eccentric Plug Control Valve

Design Features

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Design
  • High Cv Capacity
  • High Rangeability (160:1)
  • Different Trim Sizes
  • Low Break Out Torque
  • Metal Seat – Class IV Shutoff
  • Soft Seat – Class VI Shutoff
  • High Torque actuator
  • Wide Materials Availability

Ease of Maintenance

  • Minimal Spare Parts Requirements
  • High Degree of Interchangeability between pressure ratings.
  • Actuators are field reversible from fail closed to open and vice versa.
  • 3 Actuator Sizes typically cover 95% of all actuator requirements for both fail open and fail closed.

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001
  • Hydrostatic Test to ASME B16.34
  • Seat Leak Test to ASME / FCI 70-2

Technical Specifications

Body type: Eccentric Plug – Rotary Globe
Size: 1.0” to 16.0”
Pressure Class: ANSI CL150 to ANSI CL600
End Connections: Flangeless, Flanged
Body Material: Carbon Steel, 316SS, 304SS, Duplex SS, Hastelloy, B&C, Zirconium, Titanium, Other Castable Alloys
Trim Material: 316SS, 304SS, Alloy 6, Alloy 20, Duplex SS, Hastelloy, B&C, Inconel, Ziconium, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic
Shut off class: Class IV and Class VI
Characteristics: Equal Percentage, Linear
Air Pressure: 2.0 To 10.0 Bar
Rangeability: 160:1
Gland Packing: PTFE, Braided PTFE, Grafoil
Actuator: Pneumatic Spring Cylinder / Electric
Positioner: High Performance Analogue & Digital