MASCOT's Mission: Total Customer Satisfaction

Mascot is a well established manufacturer and supplier of General & Severe Service Control valves, Choke Control valves, Steam Desuperheating and Pressure Reducing valves. Speciality valves for the Mineral Processing Industry including control valves used in highly erosive applications. The Company is promoted by highly qualified and experienced staff whom are driven by an ethos of ensuring the correct technical solutions are delivered while providing the lowest life cycle costs valves when assessed against our major competitors.


Mascot staff continually strive to improve the quality of our product and services, as well as internal and external process in order to provide the best solutions, with the highest quality in lead times linked to Customer requirements. It is the staff's intention to meet or exceed Customer requirements in terms of quality, product performance, after sales service & support, and lead times to our Customers.

Health and Safety

Mascot values people, and in saying so the Company has a strict cultural of safety first. A safe working environment and accident free record within our manufacturing facilities is testament to all staff's commitment towards Occupational Health & Safety.

Serving customers

Our Customer First approach has help us to become one of the world's fastest growing Control valve manufacturers. "Thanks for the great service" says a Customer from with the Oil & Gas Industry, "10/10 for Mascot, Control valve is running exactly to performance spec" says another... as proof of what we actually do, rather than what others may say they do.


Mascot vision is to become a recognised global supplier of General Service and Severe Service Control valves, Actuated Ball and Butterfly valves, utilising "Best Practice Manufacturing Processes so when Customer's choose Mascot valves they believe they are getting the best valued valves technically suited to their individual applications within the lead times the customer wants and that they can always rely of Mascot staff for after sales service and support if required.